Free diving vs Scuba Diving Mask

What are the difference?

So as the MCO is not lifted to Restricted Movement Contol Orders. Diving activity and Free Diving activity is slowly starting to get back in action. We have been asked by our customers, so what is the difference between a freediving mask and a scuba mask ? can I use a scuba diving mask for free diving activity? 

Here's a short explanation on the both of them. 

Freediving Mask

Typically free diving masks are design to be more compact with less volume. This will allow you to equalize with less air, so it saves air in your lungs. 

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Scuba Diving Mask

A scuba diving mask are generally bigger, heavier, and have more volume. Its design allows for more air to occupy the inside of your mask which gives some advantage when water gets in your mask as it will not directly go straight into your eyes. Because of its bigger volume, it is also less claustrophobic. 

Cons : 

As the volume is bigger it requires you to exhale more into the mask to equalize to avoid mask squeeze. 

So the question is do you need a freediving mask? The answer is if it's not accesible or affordable, you can use a scuba diving mask for free diving activity. Speak to us if you have any concerns.